About Us/FAQs

How We Got Started

Lake Providence Lodge scented wax melts was born, in 2012, out of a LOVE of a nicely scented home paired with a quest for long lasting, dye-free, strongly scented wax melts.
Our melts are dye free and hand-poured in small batches.
Our home, garden and my workspace are all cabin, cottage and lodge decorated, so Lake Providence Lodge scented wax melts simply follows suit.
The company name came from an old window I painted years ago to look as if it came out of an old fishing or camping lodge.
Testing is a very important part of the process. I custom blend my wax as well as many of the scents that I offer.
The goal of the company is to offer high quality, long lasting, heavily scented wax melts that are a safer alternative to candles.

Frequently Asked Questions

About LPL

Is there meaning behind the name Lake Providence Lodge?
Yes! Many years ago, as a single mom, I saved to purchase a home all on my own. I wanted to live in the neighborhood that I had previously so that my son could continue in his school and with his friends. LONG story, but I could not afford the homes there. Then a home, which was not even for sale, became available in the most unusual manner and I was able to purchase it! I decorated it in cabin and lodge décor. I bought an old window at an antique store and wanted to paint it to hang in the new house. I wanted the window to look like it had come out of an old fishing lodge. The lodge window needed a name on it so I pondered a suitable name. I knew that God had provided the home so I painted the window to say Lake Providence Lodge. It is now in my wax room in my current home. Years later I was given the opportunity to sell my wax at an event at my corporation. Until then, my wax had only the scent name on the label. I had no company name but needed one-quickly! I was told that I needed a sign to take to the event. I named the company Lake Providence Lodge so that I could take that painted window to the event to be used as my company sign. Imagine how excited I was to have 3 ladies come to my booth who were sisters who had grown up Louisiana, near Lake Providence! I had no idea.

What is with the canoe?
Our home, and garden, is rustic with a cabin and lodge feel. Our home sits on a creek. I always wanted a boat tied to a giant tree along the creek just for the look and feel of it. Again, in a crazy manner, I was able to get an old canoe delivered to me one summer several years ago. We drilled holes in the bottom and she graces our backyard, on a dry creek bed filled with flowers and vegetables every summer.

How did you get started doing this?
I was no longer happy with wax that I got from big, commercial companies. I then went on to try many independent wax makers. I fell in love with their wax! A crafty friend asked why I did not make my own. I am not even a little bit crafty but I tried at her encouragement. Then being Type A and a touch OCD, I got into testing and blending waxes, ordering oils, starting spreadsheets and researching nights and weekends. I was very happy with the wax I made and I shared it. A LOT of it! Later, friends and family wanted to buy my wax as gifts and I got good feedback. I attended an Artisan event, at my corporation, late summer 2012 and got more positive feedback. I have gone on to participate in similar handmade events and then shifted to selling online.

How things work at The Lodge

Why do products show sold out on the website?

This is a part-time business. There are no employees and wax work happens in conjunction with a full time corporate career. So unlike other full time businesses with employees, it is not possible to offer all products in stock at all times.

We offer over 100 scents and work to keep Melt Cups with available inventory. Based on orders, some scents could be out of stock at any time.

We offer Pour to Order/Custom product from time to time to be poured in your choice of scents from our scent list. We do not keep Pour to Order items always open for ordering. Otherwise, the site would have to close to fulfill orders with an 8-10 week turnaround time. 

We also offer some Ready To Ship (RTS) shaped Melts as time permits. 

About our wax

Why is your wax uncolored?
I am allergic to many dyes. Red Dye #40 is the worst for me! Using a pink colored lotion nearly sent me to the hospital before I knew that I had an issue. As a result, I have eliminated as many colored or dyed products as I can from my home and my routine. It made no sense to me to then make colored wax, so I do not.

What type of wax do you use to make your melts?
I blend my own waxes. It is an all paraffin wax.

Do the melts need to cure before warming/melting?
No, but some do find the scents grow richer over time.

What type of melter or warmer is best to use with LPL wax?
The wax blend was developed and tested with light bulb and plate style warmers.

Will you be adding new scents?
Yes. I am always testing and ordering new oils. I add each new scent very carefully. It is not my goal to offer hundreds of scents in innumerable blends. I want to offer a smaller line as I mainly pack orders from inventory. I am picky. A scent has to be outstanding or I will not offer it.

Will you be offering additional formats (candles, shaped melts, etc.) beyond melts in cups?
No candles. From time to time I offer Melt Cakes and Shaped Melts. I actually started with shaped melts and scent brittle.

About Shipping

How do you ship your wax?
LPL wax is only shipped USPS Priority Mail and is carefully wrapped in boxes with kraft tissue. Small orders are packed in a box that is placed inside a Padded Priority Mail envelope.

Do you ship internationally?
No. I am not setup to ship outside of the U.S.

Local Orders
I am unable to offer local delivery. You may choose to have your order shipped which almost always results in a shipping overage refund. I also offer "porch pick up" provided the weather is not extreme in any way. We will agree on a day for your order to be placed on our porch for you to pick up.

Policies on testing and reviewing product

From time to time, I will request assistance in testing our product. That is a job and a nice favor to us. You will not be asked to pay for wax that I have engaged you to test.

I truly appreciate reviews and kindly being mentioned in blogs and videos. To keep things honest, I will ask that you pay for product for which you wish to review. I would be happy to offer you additional product for your consideration, at my discretion. I would appreciate knowing your Blog url, Channel and other information including a return link if we are mentioned.