Antique silver-plate Wax Knife

$ 5.00

This listing is for 1 (one) vintage silver-plated Wax Knife. This knife will not be stamped with any lettering nor message on the blade.

Ideal for slicing wax for melting and blending but also wonderful for cheese spreads and appetizer plates. 

The knives are antique butter knives or spreaders which we have carefully repurposed to be used for slicing smaller pieces of scented wax for blending, mixing or melting. Each perfectly imperfect knife is approximately 6". 

The knives have all had a former life before becoming a Fancy Wax Knife which is evidenced by their character! Scratches, tarnish and some pitting is a natural byproduct of their years of use in kitchens, estates and dining rooms since the early 1900's. Can't you just imagine it-a bride in the 1930's or 40's registering for these, receiving them at her wedding and using them for 60 years before one of them became yours? 

Just like all antiques, each knife is a bit different and patterns will vary.

-:- Be certain to use discount code: KNIVES ONLY at checkout if you are ordering only Knives or Knives and up to 4 Melt Cups. These can fit in a smaller box for shipping which reduces shipping cost.